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release song into your whole body & muscles

release song into your whole body & muscles

release song into your whole body & muscles

release song into your whole body & muscles

Tenom Huang Taichi building Sabah Tenom Huang Taichi building Sabah Tenom Huang Taichi building Sabah Tenom Huang Taichi building Sabah Tenom Huang Taichi building Sabah

by Mr Foong Choon Sang

Huang's Tai Chi Association Tenom is situated in Tenom, an interior town in the State of Sabah, East Malaysia (Borneo). The Tenom Association was formed on 6th June 1975 and originally known as Sabah Tai Chi Association, Tenom Branch. To honour the memory of Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan (Huang Xing Xian) the name was officially changed on 11th June 1998 to Huang’s Tai-Chi Association, Tenom, Sabah.

In 1970 Grandmaster Huang proposed the concept of "World Tai Chi as One Family" - the spirit of unity in all styles of Tai Chi. His long term goals were that each Association should have its own facilities and that local practitioners would become Tai Chi instructors so as to perpetuate and spread the ideals of Tai Chi. Grandmaster Huang developed his long term goals based on the principles of Tai Chi Tao and through his continuous refinement of the Tai Chi exercises. He repeatedly advised his students to uphold and promote the concepts of "World Tai Chi as One Family" and "Peace and Good Health among World Citizens", and that all his students transform these concepts into reality. The Tenom Association has totally accepted Grandmaster Huang’s unwavering goals and we have adopted the goal of building the Association premises as the starting point for our Tai Chi journey. We were the first to incorporate the concept of "World Tai Chi As One Family" by purchasing land and completing the construction of premises in 1980.

As the first branch to own its own premises under the Huang Tai Chi banner, Grandmaster Huang hoped to encourage more branches to follow Tenom's example and he held a grand opening ceremony on 1st August 1982. There were over 200 Tai Chi guests from around the world, including the wife of the late Grandmaster Professor Cheng Man-Ching - Madam Ding Wei Zhuang. At the same time there was an art exhibition featuring Chinese paintings and calligraphy from renowned artists including works by Grandmaster Cheng Man-Cheng, Huang Yao and the Venerable Master Bo Yuan. These events were the proudest moments in the history of our Association.

Grandmaster Huang pointed out the success of the Tenom Association during the opening ceremony. He said it demonstrated how the ideal of "World Tai Chi as One Family” could be made a reality and be put into practice. For these reasons he unmistakably chose our Association as the showcase to enhance rapport, exchange ideas and promote better understanding among international communities on Tai Chi and Chinese Arts and Culture.

Grandmaster Huang's contribution to our success can not be underestimated. Although it required a lot of effort on our part, it was due to his unselfish and untiring efforts, true understanding of the principles of Tai Chi Tao and his willingness to share his knowledge that we have achieved what we now have. Over the last three decades many associations of Huang Tai Chi have flourished throughout Malaysia, as well as many other countries. The legacy left by Grandmaster Huang in the propagation of Tai Chi throughout the world remains unsurpassed. His teachings will always be the foundation of our progress in Tai Chi.

Huang Tai Chi Tenom Malaysia is a non-profit organisation and is dedicated to teaching the art of Tai Chi (Taiji) as taught by Grandmaster Huang. Click on the About button for more information about our Association and for more details on Grandmaster Huang. Click the Classes button to read about what we teach, download class instructions and to see video clips. You can find a Huang Tai Chi school anywhere in the world on the Contact or Links pages.

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Persatuan Tai Chi Huang Tenom Sabah
P.S. 212, Tenom, Sabah, 89908, Malaysia

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